j. fenn. designs

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custom jewelry

I am a lecturer in the English department at the Univ. of Tennessee who loves to make pretty things. The jewelry I create is often inspired by the people in my life. I enjoy making custom pieces for customers based on their personality, lifestyle, and aspirational aesthetic. I want to create jewelry that makes people feel strong.

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Esther Sitver Artworks

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I've been making art my whole life in Knoxville, TN. My illustrations are vintage-inspired, and often include pop culture, local landscapes, and social justice. I also love drawing portraits from life. Almost every piece starts with a simple ink drawing on paper. Illustration is a way for me to show that life is beautiful and strange through the small details.

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Knox 3D Prints

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3D Printed goods

It started with a hand-me-down 3d printer and an idea for a birthday present. I printed an electric violin for my daughter. I was new to the technology, but that's okay - she was new to the violin.

That introduced me to what 3d printing can do, and I'm still exploring that with a little more knowledge and experience and a much nicer printer. Through Knox 3D Prints, I can share that with you too.

So take a moment. Look around, and see some of the neat things 3d printing can do.

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Sculptures/custom trophies

I make original sculptures, trophies and other items. I use photos, drawings or Logos to create unique custom sculptures. All custom orders are priced individually. Quantity discounts. All inquiries considered. I love to create unique and out of the box designs. Small orders for molds and resin casts are produced in house. I have a Small Tennessee company that produces larger quantities and intricate molds for me when needed.


Kevin L Bridge Photography

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I'm a photographer who sells not only my photography services but prints of pictures taken in Knoxville and the East Tennessee area.

Knoxville is too beautiful not to capture it, that's why I point my camera at it. I make prints of the beautiful scenes I am able to capture from around East Tennessee. I also offer personal or company photo shoots, and company social media packages.

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Paula Thomas Resin Art

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Abstract Resin Artwork

I create abstract art using the fluid medium of resin mixed with a myriad of paints and inks to create intensely reflective, colorful, layered pieces ranging from smaller home decor items such as trays to larger canvases to define a space. I work primarily on metal composite panels, wood panels and and skate decks. I particularly enjoy collaborating on custom pieces that bring inspiration to your space.

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Sculptural Objects - Currently in marble.

Ode is an art and design studio led by Lindsay Marie Bodanza.

My current collection of sculptural objects are made of white marble sourced from Alabama. The symbols are a study of shape and form without regard to function. The Symbols Collection is a modern take on potent sacred symbols that draw upon the ancient and living; upon art, ritual, myth and spirituality.

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Tonya Rea’s Teas and Remedies

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Make herbal teas and herbal and aromatherapy products

As a professionally trained herbalist and aromatherapist, I offer handmade products for natural health. After facing a couple of health crisis events in our family, I needed more than what traditional medicine could offer. When I saw how much natural remedies helped my family, I had a desire to help others. I graduated from a Tennessee authorizes wellness college in Nashville about 3 years ago, and now pursing a business degree. All my product ingredients are ethically sourced and I only use the finest of ingredients to ensure a quality product that works!

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TanBryn Creations

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Quilled art, Paper (Shaker style)baskets, Kiln Enamels jewelry and home decor

Have been a hand weaver and off-loom beader for over 40 years. For the past 10yrs I have been using paper as my medium to create colorful baskets and quilling to create pet portraits and other art pieces. I use a kiln to create enameled switchplates and jewelry components. I am a juried member of the Foothills Craft Guild in paper and jewelry.

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Sherapy Sugar Therapy

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Bath & Body Products

I started out making sugar scrubs as gifts for family. Recently, my sister-in-law started bringing her girls for chats with me and since my name is Sheri, she calls it Sherapy. As a gag I labeled this year's scrubs with that name and a business was born. Since then, I have been inventing bath & body products with a bakery theme. We dress up as chefs and make products on YouTube and then sell them online and at markets. The most common comment I get is, "I've never seen anything like this before." That's really exciting to hear and the response we are getting so far is extremely positive. Our products are colorful, fun, and smell good enough to eat. .

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Ramen Bones

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Ramen and other Japanese favorites

I opened Ramen Bones - a Japanese food truck - to share my home country's soul food with the Knoxville community. Three years ago, I decided to create something I wanted to see in my community - traditional, hand-crafted ramen . I grew up in Hiroshima, Japan, and fondly remember going to ramen shops with my family. I took the opportunity to train in Tokyo and began mastering the craft in March 2018 and opened Ramen Bones in March 2019. We currently sell ramen, gyoza (dumplings), and onigiri (rice balls), but plan to change/expand the menu as we go.

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Jay Designs Inc

Jay Designs Inc

Hand Beaded Healing Stones

I have always been creative, over my lifetime it has showed up as dress-making, amateur theatre set dressing, props & furniture, Sumi-é (Japanese Ink Painting), making greetings cards and finally I was led to BEADS. I always said I didn't make jewelry and then I came across vintage buttons. It’s definitely ‘a journey’ but that's how this stuff works for a lot of people who have to experience multiple media to find that one thing that feeds the soul. I love Mother Nature’s gems, they feel good in my hands and I love the way designs come together differently for each stone. I love beads and how they interact when stitched collectively.  

The beautiful concert created makes my heart sing.

Benefit Your Life Gluten Free Market and Bakery

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Gluten free baked goods, hand-crafted smoothies, and lunch entrees

Benefit Your Life is a family owned small business, and we want you to feel right at home when you come into our bakery/cafe. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Our team is very knowledgeable about special diets and food requirements, and we are ready to help.
We offer a variety of foods which are compliant with special dietary needs including but not limited to gluten free, dairy free, nut free (not dedicated nut free facility), paleo, vegan, and more. If you have special food restrictions, talk to our team.

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10420 Kingston Pike Suite G, Knoxville, TN 37922