Holly Grob

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Fine Art, Site Specific Installation

I joined the Knoxville community in August of 2019 to begin a year long stint as Artist in Residence at Mighty Mud ceramic studio. Coming all the way from Montana, I love to travel to create my place inspired sculptural work. Social, cultural, and physical landscape give ideas to create mixed media and site inspired installation.

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Colleen Thornbrugh | Teaching Artist

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Original Artwork, Art Classes for Kids

Colleen Thornbrugh is an artist with a passion for teaching art , and experimenting with color and texture in her work. Colleen has years of experience working in the community teaching K-12 children. Colleen has taught hundreds of students and has worked extensively teaching art with the Great Schools Partnership in Knoxville via the Knoxville Museum of Art, University of Tennessee, Boys & Girls Clubs and more. Colleen enjoys teaching a wide range of students including homeschool students ages K-12 at Thursday Connection Homeschool Cooperative. She has a passion for helping her students experiment with many different media – everything from oil pastels to stop motion animation and puppet building! When not teaching classes, Colleen works as a painter from her home studio. Colleen’s paintings are mainly non-representational, meant to evoke the inner landscape. She loves to work intuitively, experimenting with color and texture.Colleen lives in Knoxville with her husband and loves her city.

Crochet Société

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Crochet Pattern Designer

Welcome to Crochet Societe! Hi, my name is Luz Higdon! My passion for crochet spans 25 years, and inspires me to design unique patterns that spur creativity with the best yarns ensuring distinctive fabrics - “with love in every stitch.”

Fearless Fiber

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One of a kind wearable art from hand dyed fiber and fabrics including locally sourced wool, alpaca and silk

I make wearable art and 3D sculpture including hats, clothing, and accessories from hand dyed natural fibers including wool, alpaca and silk. I operate a textile and fiber studio, in Knoxville TN at 126 Jennings ave, offering private and group lessons to children and adults.

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126 Jennings ave, Knoxville TN, 37917

I have wine and felting classes most Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Lisa Clow

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Illustrator and Surface Designer

Lisa Clow is an illustrator, surface designer, and poet based in Knoxville, Tenn. She works with her hands, best with inks, watercolors, gouache, and pastels, but is fluent in Illustrator and Procreate, having been a graphic designer for the past 10 years.

She takes her hand drawn and painted elements then recreates them into workable vectors for her products. While her work translates wonderfully to a variety of goods, Lisa's passion lies with children's goods, kid lit, and home goods. You can purchase her prints and home goods in her online shop, but her artwork is also available for licensing. All quotes or lyrics used in her products are written herself and under copyright.

If you are interested in licensing her artwork or viewing her picture book dummies and pitches, please reach out via email to receive access to her online catalog..

Appalachian Arts Craft Center

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We are a group of art makers at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center


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2716 Andersonville Hwy 61 Clinton TN 37716

Mon - Sat 10 am - 6 pm, Sun 1 pm - 5 pm. Jan - Feb Tues - Sat 10 am - 5 pm

Appalachian Center for Craft, Tennessee Tech University

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We educate makers in fine contemporary skilled craft

The Appalachian Center for Craft, a campus of Tennessee Tech, is located in Smithville, Tennessee, and is dedicated to promoting excellence in American craft by teaching both tradition and innovation in professional studio craft, and fostering access to the highest quality craft education, craft artists, craft works and events in a community arts context.

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1560 Craft Center Dr

Smithville, TN. 37166

DBA Terina Gillette Fine Arts

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I create visual art, murals, window paint, & face painting

I work in mixed mediums. I have been a "working" artist for over 26 years. I love to create local landmarks of our area. I create texturized pieces and combine various techniques for effect. I work in a wide variety of mediums and techniques. I provide professional face painting

Cultivate Your Happiness

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Author of Mindfulness Book

Elle Benson is what many would describe as a typical working mother. She’s the one on mute during the conference call, balancing her phone on one shoulder and her toddler in the other arm. One minute she’s researching toddler books starring powerful females, and the next minute she’s helping nonprofit organization build the capacity to achieve their missions.

She doesn’t believe there’s a science to motherhood, but does believe that women need to stop judging others, and, more importantly, themselves. She began studying positive psychology to help people finish the phrase, “I’ll be happy when...” Her desire is to assist others with being happy in the present moment.

Jennifer Brickey

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I am a maker of art.

I am a painter and a professor of art, among many other things. I am empowered by elements of feminism, history, and the suburban landscape. My work explores travel, space and multifaceted worlds of beauty, romance, structure, congestion and complexity. I like lines, because they are honest, shapes because they are organic, space for its emptiness, and color for its vitality. I am for art that is real, one that represents loss and presence. I am for art that is persistent, moving, timeless, and thought provoking.

Creating Mindfulness

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We help people connect with a practice in mindfulness and art.

Jennifer MacIsaac and Dorothy Verbick have teamed up to teach mindfulness and creative play. On the path of self-love, confidence, and acceptance. Creating Mindfulness is about merging your innate creativity with a practice in mindfulness.

We provide opportunities through classes, women's circles, and retreats for people to connect with a practice in mindfulness and art.

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j. fenn. designs

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custom jewelry

I am a lecturer in the English department at the Univ. of Tennessee who loves to make pretty things. The jewelry I create is often inspired by the people in my life. I enjoy making custom pieces for customers based on their personality, lifestyle, and aspirational aesthetic. I want to create jewelry that makes people feel strong.

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Esther Sitver Artworks

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I've been making art my whole life in Knoxville, TN. My illustrations are vintage-inspired, and often include pop culture, local landscapes, and social justice. I also love drawing portraits from life. Almost every piece starts with a simple ink drawing on paper. Illustration is a way for me to show that life is beautiful and strange through the small details.

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Knox 3D Prints

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3D Printed goods

It started with a hand-me-down 3d printer and an idea for a birthday present. I printed an electric violin for my daughter. I was new to the technology, but that's okay - she was new to the violin.

That introduced me to what 3d printing can do, and I'm still exploring that with a little more knowledge and experience and a much nicer printer. Through Knox 3D Prints, I can share that with you too.

So take a moment. Look around, and see some of the neat things 3d printing can do.

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