Ramen Bones

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Ramen and other Japanese favorites

I opened Ramen Bones - a Japanese food truck - to share my home country's soul food with the Knoxville community. Three years ago, I decided to create something I wanted to see in my community - traditional, hand-crafted ramen . I grew up in Hiroshima, Japan, and fondly remember going to ramen shops with my family. I took the opportunity to train in Tokyo and began mastering the craft in March 2018 and opened Ramen Bones in March 2019. We currently sell ramen, gyoza (dumplings), and onigiri (rice balls), but plan to change/expand the menu as we go.

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Jay Designs Inc

Jay Designs Inc

Hand Beaded Healing Stones

I have always been creative, over my lifetime it has showed up as dress-making, amateur theatre set dressing, props & furniture, Sumi-é (Japanese Ink Painting), making greetings cards and finally I was led to BEADS. I always said I didn't make jewelry and then I came across vintage buttons. It’s definitely ‘a journey’ but that's how this stuff works for a lot of people who have to experience multiple media to find that one thing that feeds the soul. I love Mother Nature’s gems, they feel good in my hands and I love the way designs come together differently for each stone. I love beads and how they interact when stitched collectively.  

The beautiful concert created makes my heart sing.

Benefit Your Life Gluten Free Market and Bakery

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Gluten free baked goods, hand-crafted smoothies, and lunch entrees

Benefit Your Life is a family owned small business, and we want you to feel right at home when you come into our bakery/cafe. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Our team is very knowledgeable about special diets and food requirements, and we are ready to help.
We offer a variety of foods which are compliant with special dietary needs including but not limited to gluten free, dairy free, nut free (not dedicated nut free facility), paleo, vegan, and more. If you have special food restrictions, talk to our team.

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10420 Kingston Pike Suite G, Knoxville, TN 37922

Pretty Little Purse

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Leather Purses and Accessories

The journey of Pretty Little Purse originated with 2 sisters and our lifetime love of purses and leather goods. We initially created unique little leather purse pendants and have since expanded into occasion purses of different sizes. Also available are various accessories including leather infused jewelry. Each creation is inspired by all of God's incredible handiwork displayed in the flowers, leaves and vines, dragonflies and butterflies of field and forest. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind, completely handmade wearable work of art. Our work has been featured in Belle Armoire and Haute Handbags magazines.

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gbryant studio

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Watercolor and acrylic paintings; relief and intaglio prints; folk art

Gay Bryant is an artist, painter, and printmaker who teaches regionally and resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. She has worked as a studio artist for the last 30 years and has been developing her art since grade school. A deep appreciation of nature, architecture, and events of everyday life are the driving forces in her work. Craftsmanship and traditional skills are used to depict the rich culture and landscape of eastern Tennessee. Woodcuts, linoleum block, etchings, and collagraphs make up her printmaking and her painting is done in watercolor or acrylic. Gay’s work is represented in regional galleries and in international collections. See artist’s website at http://www.gbryantstudio.com for samples of work.

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Daje Morris

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Music + Poetry

Daje Morris is a Knoxville-based songwriter and poet. Her sound is a fusion of folk, rnb, jazz, and spoken word. She has had the joy of sharing in spaces such as Rhythm ‘n’ Blooms Festival (2017 and 2019), Dogwood Arts Festival(2017), Big Ears Festival Poetry Expo (2017 and 2018), International Biscuit Festival with Americana Music Awards Nominee, Aaron Lee Tasjan (2017),Poetry vs. Hip Hop Worldwide, Knoxville Edition (winning team, 2017), Kuumba African Arts Festival (2017) and Waynestock Festival (2018).

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The Wood Dabbler

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The Wood Dabbler transforms locally sourced live edge or reclaimed wood into beautiful one of a kind tables benches and ornamental items. All pieces are of high quality that can be used for that special space either in your home or office that will add charm and eye appeal. Most items will defiantly be a conversational piece. All of our items has a finish to match the character of the wood and for its use either indoor or outdoor.

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Brick Oven Bus

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Artisan Wood Fired Pizza

Brick Oven Bus is a truly unique food truck, inasmuch as it's not a food truck at all. It's a bus. Bet you didn't see that one coming. What's more, this food bus was hand built by a supportive family, encouraging their loved ones John and Candy to pursue their passion of cooking in the most entrepreneurial of ways, and by the looks of it, they've more than succeeded.

Just what's cooking on the Brick Oven Bus? Wood fired pizzas, adding authenticity to everyone's favorite comfort food. John and Candy trained at the esteemed Goodfellas Pizza School in NY, so we're gonna say they know a thing or two when it comes to hand crafting specialty pies.

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Spill The Beans Design

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Graphic Designer

Spill the beans was (and still is) the dream of one little girl.
Growing up she dreamed of a place where it was acceptable to draw on the walls with crayon. Where art began outside the lines, not inside. And where thinking outside the box was normal.

Spill the Beans is a graphic design house where anything goes! Spill the Beans is a group of friends all with different talents: some of us are artists, some of us are business gurus, and some of us, well, let’s just say we’re lucky they know how to make a great cocktail.

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spill the beans design.png
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Printshop Beer Co

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Craft beer

We are a craft brewery located on Island Home Ave in South Knoxville specializing in IPAs, fruit infusions, and barrel aged beers. Our brewing space and taproom is in a former Printshop, hence the name Printshop Beer Co. We host many events in our taproom, including First Friday Art Shows, Yoga, and crafting workshops.

1532 Island Home Ave, Knoxville, TN 37920

White Fox Beads

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Jewelry, components, tutorials and kits

I started out doing bead-work around 2003, then opened a bead store in 2006. Now I teach classes, write tutorials, create kits, sell beads and make components and jewelry of all kinds. While I make many items to sell, what I love most is getting other makers inspired and expanding their knowledge and skills.

4920 Homberg Dr. Knoxville TN 37919

Please see our website or Facebook for more detailed hours. Open late Tuesday nights until 9. Occasional Sunday classes.


Colby's Photography

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Photography & Videography

My team and I help businesses, corporations, and individuals make and save money by creating hassle free international award winning advertising photography and videography.

We tailor each shot to hightlight the unique advantages of people, products, and services selling them at a glance. We research and brainstorm how best to tell the story and determine how and where they will be used to make sure they work. We consult on how to achieve stellar results with the least impact on your budget and time. Our goal is to answer questions before you think of them. We communicate every step of the way to make sure nothing is missed and no surprises happen.

503 W Clinch Ave #101; Knoxville, TN 37902

By Appointment Only; Request Information about Validated Parking\


Cafe Vicolo

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Delicious Sandwiches and Pastries

We're a lovely cafe owned by Phil & Paula. They are passionate about feeding people good food. Although our kitchen is small, we roast all our meats in house, bake fresh bread, scratch made muffins and pastries and we also serve espresso from Vienna Coffee Company.

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Cafe Vicolo 1.JPG

625 South Gay Street, Ste. 140

Located in the Alleyway between East Tennessee Historical Society and SunTrust Bank

Chivo Taqueria

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Unique style of tacos, burritos and other assorted Mexican inspired dishes.

Chivo is a purveyor of fine cuisine providing quality food without pretense. We do not compromise this quality, respecting our community, never trying to fool them with sub-par ingredients or preparation. Long standing relationships with farmers have allowed us to procure these hyper-local, fresh ingredients. We work directly with farmers, leveraging networks known to one of our partners whose family has farmed in East Tennessee for over 100 years.

Chivo relies on the concept of “nose to tail”, whole animal usage to provide excellent food to our customers. We use hogs that are fed local grain procured from a grower in New Market, Tennessee and then processed by a USDA inspected facility in Greenville. This meat is then brought directly to our store. Our whole animal concept, much like our local sourcing, is not just a buzzword we use for marketing purposes. We are utilizing nearly the entire animal. This results in significant waste reduction and more creative, authentic dishes. Other locally sourced items at Chivo include beef, lamb, and goats from local farms, and vegetables from local farmers, weather permitting.

At Chivo, we grind our own flour from local, non-GMO white dent corn combined with other heirloom variety corn sourced directly from a Mexican cooperative, Masienda. We do so in the traditional spirit of the nixtamel process with no shortcuts or compromise.

314 S. Gay Street Knoxville, TN 37902

Baad Hatter felt hats and fiber art

Baad Hatter felt hats and fiber art logo.jpg

Felted wool hats, clothing, pet replicas, and wall art

I use the ancient technique of felting wool fiber to create wearable artwork in the form of hats and clothing. I also create wall art from wool, such as landscapes and portraits. I create custom 3D pet replicas and memorials through the process of needle felting. I do teach classes on request.

Stile & Co.

Stile & Co. logo.png

I am a commercial photographer who saw a need for backdrops for food and other product photos that were super realistic but lightweight and easy to bring to shoots. As I created them, I realized the need for these in any small business industry that wants to take better product shots without having to invest much money in photography.