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BlackByrd Jewelry

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Hand made jewelry formed from metal, leather, and love.

Heather Eggleston, a homegrown Tennessee girl, is a stay at home gypsy who loves her family. A self-taught jewelry maker, Heather has been designing and making jewelry for 13 years. If you love whimsical & rustic, this is your kind of jewelry. Stir in a dash of gypsy with metal and leather, and voila! Drawn to the wanderlust-boho feel? Self-empowerment, love, and peace with quotes for the wandering soul? BlackByrd Jewelry is calling your name. And don’t be afraid to let her create something one of a kind, just for you!

Heather wishes that each piece finds its destiny with the wanderer who wears it.

Gina's Art Hammond

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 Art cards and canvas art

I got started doing art 23 years ago. I started painting furniture. Keeping my day jobs at The Great Wall and Sertoma Center I started taking stained glass art classes and oil painting classes. Today I sell in 6 shops and am growing. I am a card artist and canvas artist selling in 6 shops. I give back to Feeding the Orphans in Ghana, Africa. I make art by using canvas, washi tape and oil paint.

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Anna Greer

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Illustrations and Comics  

I write and draw comics along with standalone illustrations. I graduated summa cum laude from UT after making my own major— Social Justice and Storytelling: Advocating for Human Rights Through Comics. Most of my work is digital art (drawn on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil using Procreate or Adobe Draw and manipulated in Photoshop on my laptop), but I am versed in traditional media (India ink, pastels, oil paints, Intaglio) as well. My perspective as a feminist activist definitely informs my art.

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Alex Bonner Design

Illustrations + Branding + Publication Layout

I am a graphic designer by trade but have been drawing since I was little, an activity that has brought me joy throughout my life. I graduated from NC State's College of Design, finding graphic design through my love of illustration. I have strived to combine my interests of art, design, and biology into work that is uniquely my own.

Alex Bonner Design
Alex Bonner Design

Mighty Mud

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Ceramics, Sculpture, Pottery, Mosaics, Paintings

We are locally owned and artist operated. Mighty Mud is the place to go in Knoxville for all of your ceramic supply needs. We also offer a wide variety of art classes and workshops, provide studios to local artists, and sell finished artwork in our gallery. We have been making some exciting changes to the store and studio including lots of new product lines and new class and workshop offerings.

127 Jennings Ave. Knoxville, Tn 37917

Tues 11-6, Wed 11-6, Thurs 11-9, Friday 11-6

Parking on site


Jessica Gregory Artist

Paintings and Sculpture

I am a painter working in most all mediums, I do works on paper, canvas and sometimes found object substrates. I create sculpture using recycled materials for armatures and cover with homemade paper mache clay that dries rock hard, finishing with paint and sealers. I also work with kiln fired clay. I teach art classes to those wanting to learn how to draw and paint both one on one and in groups for workshops in painting. I also do commissioned works of art.

Jessica Gregory Artist

1127 N.Broadway

Knoxville TN 37917

Bird on the Wire Studios

Bird on the Wire Studios

Metal Sculpture, Retail Display, Lighting, Merchandising Fixtures, Architectural Signs & More.

Bird on the Wire Studios is a creative manufacturing facility in East Knoxville, TN whose projects range from residential interior redesign to retail design and build-out, to the design and manufacturing of large-scale corporate sculpture, signage, lighting, and merchandising elements.

We work with architects to refine, collaborate on, and execute their designer’s vision for new commercial build-outs and re-builds while focusing on the digital brand architecture and voice to ensure all tangible, branded elements, both interior and exterior, are created beautifully, built to last, and ensure brand recognition.

We work with interior designers and architects to re-imagine residential spaces and create the perfect pieces to represent our shared vision while illustrating the personality of the homeowner.

We work with small business owners, NPO’s, and corporate clients to breathe phsyical life into their brands by designing and manufacturing signage, branded sculptural elements, and event spaces.

Bird on the Wire Studios
Bird on the Wire Studios

Curtis Glover Creative

Curtis Glover

Murals, art, live art

I've been painting large-scale murals in the Knoxville area for the last 2 1/2 years since I went out on my own. From bars, restaurants, schools, city buildings and park walls, I have worked with numerous local businesses by visually and physically interpreting their ideas to help their business grow and become eye-catching. I do not plan to stop any time soon and hope to create some sort of art movement in this city which is already happening.

Curtis Glover
Curtis Glover
Curtis Glover
Curtis Glover

Aespyre Metal Design

Sculpture, ornamental and architectural ironwork

I design and create sculpture, trophies, ornamental and architectural metalwork. Ranging from large, outdoor and site-specific sculpture to custom trophies for large corporations like RedBull and GoPro, to hand forged iron railings and fire screens for homes, our work explores and defies the boundaries of metalwork. Our willingness to challenge limits enables us to make exciting discoveries in our chosen medium.

Aespyre Metal Design
Aespyre Metal Design
Aespyre Metal Design

119 Jennings Avenue Knoxville TN, 37917

My Attempts at Art

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Downtown Knoxville Art Pieces

My overall goal with my art, is to not only create art that is meaningful and unique, I believe art has the amazing ability to spark conversation that ultimately brings people closer together.

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Kaisui Designs

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Handbags and paintings

My hand-printed bags are structured layers and patterns that were created to be carried around downtown for weekend strolls, but set a distinctive statement in the office that is fresh and unique. Growing up and living in the Appalachian, Blue Ridge valley and inspired by Japanese culture, my designs are simple, fluid, and mindful.

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LC Chalk Works

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Chalk Board Art

LC Chalk Works is the creative brain child of Lauren Claiborne. Lauren's artistic journey began with film photography, and later morphed into chalkboard art, illustration and design. Self taught in many mediums, Lauren's current specialties reside in hand-lettering and illustration, with an emphasis in chalkboard art.
She graduated in 2006 with an Associates Degree in Media Technology and Photography from Pellissippi State Technical Community College, where she earned the honor graduate award for her class. : Lauren is a Knoxville, TN native, and you can find her work all around Knoxville and beyond at such places as VG's Bakery, Yassin's Falafel House, Whole Foods Market,  Juice Box, Trailhead Beer Market, Token Game Tavern, and many other lovely homes and establishments.

Kristen Holbrook Art

Kristen Holbrook


Howdy! My name is Kristen and I like to make things. I am currently making peaceful acrylic paintings, pointed mixed media pieces, and quirky technicolor watercolor illustrations. These three styles come tumbling out depending on my mood which usually can be summed up by: let’s chill out and debate in acrylics, resist! we gotta do something about politics in mixed media, and let’s have fun and be weird together in watercolors. Ever feel like this? Then you’re in good company - Enjoy!

Kristen Holbrook
Kristen Holbrook

Emily Shane Art

Emily Shane

One-of-a-kind functional art from discarded book covers

I make room divider screens, mirror and picture frames, boxes, etc. decorated with hardback book covers, also original art. I use discarded book covers to create one-of-a-kind functional and decorative pieces. I also offer studio time for use of a 12"x12" steel rule die cutter. Instead of unwanted hardback books ending up in landfills, I thought "why not upcycle them into art?" I make 2-D and functional book cover art using knives, paper cutters, and steel rule dies.

Emily Shane
Emily Shane


Woven and textile art and oil paintings

While traveling in Morocco I was inspired by its ancient textile traditions. I learned to sew while there and have since taught myself to weave on a variety of looms, some custom made. My works are sold as wall hangings, blankets, rugs, or made-to-order commissions. All are composed of natural fibers. On my site I also sell handmade Moroccan goods including textile, leather, and ceramics sourced from responsible organizations.