Hunny Hush

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Rustic and BOhemian Jewelry

Hunny Hush offers an eclectic collection of rustic and bohemian - country - tomboy (ish) style jewelry. Etched, leather, boho styled and stamped-infusing them all together for some outstanding staple pieces. These are original handcrafted pieces that can be worn from work place to hiking. From hitting the town to enjoying the lake. Custom one of a kinds are always the forefront creation on my mind.

Hand drawn & hand painted etched pieces are my brand - combining them with leathers, beads and specific findings, making original one of a kinds- Mosaic pendants and bracelets have evolved in to a Patent Pending project including your loved ones cremains.

The Black Pants Girl

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Jewelry, Apparel and Dance

We feature things to help you LIVE your best life, things to help you LEARN something, things to help you LAUGH and things that help you LOVE like finding a community that you can thrive in and find acceptance and support.

Black Pants Girls Live = We enjoy making life just a little better. Jewelry, Apparel and Personal Care options for every body.

Black Pants Girls Learn = We love learning no matter when we start or re-start: In-Studio Weekly Dance Classes to Online Wellness Sessions., we have something you might love.

Black Pants Girls Laugh = We enjoy a life full emotions...but we love laughter the the founder and learn more about us.

Black Pants Girls Love = We believe in supporting one another and making people feel good - let us entertain you; our core and more offers a great variety of shows!

BlackByrd Jewelry

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Hand made jewelry formed from metal, leather, and love.

Heather Eggleston, a homegrown Tennessee girl, is a stay at home gypsy who loves her family. A self-taught jewelry maker, Heather has been designing and making jewelry for 13 years. If you love whimsical & rustic, this is your kind of jewelry. Stir in a dash of gypsy with metal and leather, and voila! Drawn to the wanderlust-boho feel? Self-empowerment, love, and peace with quotes for the wandering soul? BlackByrd Jewelry is calling your name. And don’t be afraid to let her create something one of a kind, just for you!

Heather wishes that each piece finds its destiny with the wanderer who wears it.

Piece of Sunshine Designs

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Upcycled Jewelry using vintage/antique buttons

I’ve been a maker for as long as I can remember. I’ve been repurposing buttons, watch parts, and other old objects into jewelry and accessories for the past 6 years. Making a little piece of art and history come out of that button box and come alive has been a great way to explore designing and making jewelry. It also parallels my goal of green living and repurposing and recycling.

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Apparel (shirts, hats, stickers, patches)

The people of Knoxville and East TN are proud to call this area home, and we feel our tagline “MORE THAN A NUMBER… IT’S HOME™" fits the 865LIFE™ name well. We offer apparel to display your pride in this special place, but we feel 865LIFE is so much more than a clothing company. Building community and being a one-stop hub for all things 865 is our goal. We want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for following and supporting us. Please don't hesitate to let us know how we can help you.

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Beads of Light

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Hand beaded healing stones and off loom bead weaving wearable art

I see the world in components, little pieces fit together to make the whole. My work is much the same. I create components and then mix and match those components into functional, sculptural or wearable works.

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