Paris Woodhull Illustrations

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Papergoods + Apparel + Custom Work

I create apparel with a purpose, quirky paper goods, and city maps. All of my product is hand drawn and then created into printed goods. Why waste time and hand draw? Because I'm a strong believer in the power of something that is handmade with love and care!

I am a Knoxville native and recent graduate of the University of Tennessee with a BFA in 2D art. I love bold color, pattern, pop culture, portraiture, fashion, and most importantly the wonderful city I live in!

Anna Greer

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Illustrations and Comics  

I write and draw comics along with standalone illustrations. I graduated summa cum laude from UT after making my own major— Social Justice and Storytelling: Advocating for Human Rights Through Comics. Most of my work is digital art (drawn on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil using Procreate or Adobe Draw and manipulated in Photoshop on my laptop), but I am versed in traditional media (India ink, pastels, oil paints, Intaglio) as well. My perspective as a feminist activist definitely informs my art.

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Kristen Holbrook Art

Kristen Holbrook


Howdy! My name is Kristen and I like to make things. I am currently making peaceful acrylic paintings, pointed mixed media pieces, and quirky technicolor watercolor illustrations. These three styles come tumbling out depending on my mood which usually can be summed up by: let’s chill out and debate in acrylics, resist! we gotta do something about politics in mixed media, and let’s have fun and be weird together in watercolors. Ever feel like this? Then you’re in good company - Enjoy!

Kristen Holbrook
Kristen Holbrook