Crown Upholstery

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We're an upholstery design studio. We provide reupholstery services & also sell some custom designed pieces.

Crown Upholstery was created to bring an updated approach to furniture upholstery. We combine a love of furniture, fabrics, and design to provide you with the best possibilities for restoring, reinventing, or just recovering your favorite pieces of furniture. We can do anything from cushion repairs and custom pillows to full furniture collections. We pride ourselves on being able to take something you have and turn it into something that you love.

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Copper Fire Jewelry Designs

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Mixed metal and natural stone jewelry

I'm a self-taught metalsmith living in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains next to the Little River in East Tennessee, a place that provides endless design inspiration for my organic forms. I love the sound of my hammer on the anvil, as well as the possibilities that mixed metals, natural stones, and rich patinas offer to communicate, uplift and inspire. It is my desire to make pieces that are made to last through generations while imbuing more beauty, energy, inspiration, and meaning into everyday life. Every piece is handcrafted with love.

Studio 212, 934 E. Broadway Ave, Maryville 37804


Soil and Steel

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Steel products such as chandeliers, railings, sculpture, etc.

I started my business in 2010 focusing on metalwork and gardening. While I still do some garden work, my business has mainly shifted towards metal art. Aside from sculpture, I have made railings, chandeliers, beds, archways, gates, firescreens, and more. I enjoy designing work for a specific location, and tend to lean towards art deco, art nouveau, arts & crafts / craftsman style. Though I work with with a hard, heavy, and dirty medium, my aim is to soften and shape it into something beautiful that will add to a persons everyday life.

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