Lyndsey Sharp

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Mostly 2-D art using various and mixed media

I am an interior designer by trade and education, but I have been a maker all my life. Over the years I have explored collage, embroidery, quilting, knitting, murals, painting, and drawing, but I am currently focused on drawing and painting with the hope of experimenting and incorporating more 3-D elements.

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Soft sculpture toys, accessories, art

Fiber artist Cindy Bensey creates eco-friendly toys, accessories, and art using thrifted and repurposed sweaters, buttons and fabrics, as well as found branches and other bits of nature. From smiling stuffed kitties to felted wool cat pins, from ravens and owls perched on branches to catnip-filled kittens and more, every creation is handmade from her original design -- and designed to make people smile!