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DBA Terina Gillette Fine Arts

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I create visual art, murals, window paint, & face painting

I work in mixed mediums. I have been a "working" artist for over 26 years. I love to create local landmarks of our area. I create texturized pieces and combine various techniques for effect. I work in a wide variety of mediums and techniques. I provide professional face painting

Jennifer Brickey

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I am a maker of art.

I am a painter and a professor of art, among many other things. I am empowered by elements of feminism, history, and the suburban landscape. My work explores travel, space and multifaceted worlds of beauty, romance, structure, congestion and complexity. I like lines, because they are honest, shapes because they are organic, space for its emptiness, and color for its vitality. I am for art that is real, one that represents loss and presence. I am for art that is persistent, moving, timeless, and thought provoking.

Esther Sitver Artworks

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I've been making art my whole life in Knoxville, TN. My illustrations are vintage-inspired, and often include pop culture, local landscapes, and social justice. I also love drawing portraits from life. Almost every piece starts with a simple ink drawing on paper. Illustration is a way for me to show that life is beautiful and strange through the small details.

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Sculptures/custom trophies

I make original sculptures, trophies and other items. I use photos, drawings or Logos to create unique custom sculptures. All custom orders are priced individually. Quantity discounts. All inquiries considered. I love to create unique and out of the box designs. Small orders for molds and resin casts are produced in house. I have a Small Tennessee company that produces larger quantities and intricate molds for me when needed.


Paula Thomas Resin Art

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Abstract Resin Artwork

I create abstract art using the fluid medium of resin mixed with a myriad of paints and inks to create intensely reflective, colorful, layered pieces ranging from smaller home decor items such as trays to larger canvases to define a space. I work primarily on metal composite panels, wood panels and and skate decks. I particularly enjoy collaborating on custom pieces that bring inspiration to your space.

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Sculptural Objects - Currently in marble.

Ode is an art and design studio led by Lindsay Marie Bodanza.

My current collection of sculptural objects are made of white marble sourced from Alabama. The symbols are a study of shape and form without regard to function. The Symbols Collection is a modern take on potent sacred symbols that draw upon the ancient and living; upon art, ritual, myth and spirituality.

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TanBryn Creations

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Quilled art, Paper (Shaker style)baskets, Kiln Enamels jewelry and home decor

Have been a hand weaver and off-loom beader for over 40 years. For the past 10yrs I have been using paper as my medium to create colorful baskets and quilling to create pet portraits and other art pieces. I use a kiln to create enameled switchplates and jewelry components. I am a juried member of the Foothills Craft Guild in paper and jewelry.

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Pretty Little Purse

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Leather Purses and Accessories

The journey of Pretty Little Purse originated with 2 sisters and our lifetime love of purses and leather goods. We initially created unique little leather purse pendants and have since expanded into occasion purses of different sizes. Also available are various accessories including leather infused jewelry. Each creation is inspired by all of God's incredible handiwork displayed in the flowers, leaves and vines, dragonflies and butterflies of field and forest. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind, completely handmade wearable work of art. Our work has been featured in Belle Armoire and Haute Handbags magazines.

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Baad Hatter felt hats and fiber art

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Felted wool hats, clothing, pet replicas, and wall art

I use the ancient technique of felting wool fiber to create wearable artwork in the form of hats and clothing. I also create wall art from wool, such as landscapes and portraits. I create custom 3D pet replicas and memorials through the process of needle felting. I do teach classes on request.

Shannon Deana Johnson

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Paintings and pottery

I am a Knoxville, TN based mixed media painter. Nature is my biggest inspiration. The organic shapes, textures and colors have always given me peace and filled me with wonder. My art is a balance between allowing the medium to do what it naturally does with gentle guidance and self-expression. In my work I want to evoke the sense of peace and harmony I experience in nature.

Tche ART and Paint

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Portrait, landscape artist painter

My work is fueled by my travel and different experiences in completely different countries.

I paint the differences and similarities of people around the globe, their dreams, their beliefs, their races, but mostly there is the need to show the female figure, uniting them even though they seem to have so many different costumes, creeds or races.

Through my eyes I try to bring to the canvas not only real people painted in everyday scenes, mixed with the colors ,shapes and marks of a surreal background, but the essence of what really matters in humans, the ones that unite us and which make us unique at the same time: love, imagination, creativity and faith. Every person who likes people's colors and appreciates art is my audience.