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Inner Space Yoga

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Inner Space Yoga designs and makes beautiful yoga bolsters, meditation cushions and other products. We make them in Knoxville, Tennessee and ship them all over the world.

Inner Space Yoga designs, makes and sells bolsters, meditation cushions and other products. We make products for people who love high quality and beauty. We hand sew, hand roll, and heart sell our products. As the makers, we are also the users. We use these products every single day. Every part of our products are thought out ... from the label to the zipper. We consider everything so you don't have to. A high charging modern life benefits with periods of slowing down for rest and renewal. These beautiful products help you meet the challenges of everyday life.

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700 E. Depot Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37917

Open by appointment, parking lot, easy access

(865) 332-8804‬

Crown Upholstery

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We're an upholstery design studio. We provide reupholstery services & also sell some custom designed pieces.

Crown Upholstery was created to bring an updated approach to furniture upholstery. We combine a love of furniture, fabrics, and design to provide you with the best possibilities for restoring, reinventing, or just recovering your favorite pieces of furniture. We can do anything from cushion repairs and custom pillows to full furniture collections. We pride ourselves on being able to take something you have and turn it into something that you love.

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McAlpin Creative

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DIY Kits! We specialize in tray and sign kits!

We specialize in DIY kits. We send everything you need to make memories and experiences together—all in one box! We specialize in sign and tray kits, offering numerous and custom designs!

Rochner Woodworks

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Wooden decor and small furniture

I started out with a small handsaw and I used it to cut up a pallet to make a shelf. I was advised to start adding color to my pieces to make them more appealing. I have since experimented with different finishes and different types of wood. I have also expanded beyond just making plain shelves and am slowly transitioning into more intricate work.

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knox upholstery

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I upholster furniture, make pillows and other soft goods

At Knox Upholstery, It's your furniture, but better! We take old furniture and make it into something beautiful and unique to the client; something that you won't find in anyone else's home or business. At Knox Upholstery, bespoke furniture is not mass produced on a factory floor, it is hand-crafted by artisans with every stitch.

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Simply Social Mosaics

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Mosaic Art

At Simply Social Mosaics we hand make garden art/ statues, home decor, refurbished furniture, kitchen backsplashes and more with stained glass mosaic art

3049 Sutherland Ave Knoxville, TN 37919


Parking in front and back

Providence Road Pottery

Providence Road Pottery

Farmhouse Pottery

I create heirloom ceramics with a farmhouse aesthetic that are meant to last for generations but are for everyday use. My pottery uses a monochromatic, neutral color palette and focuses on subtle differences in texture on various clay bodies. The pottery wheel is my main mode of production, but I utilize a combination of hand-building and wheel throw clay. My customer loves to cook and chooses objects for the home based on nurturing aesthetic sensibilities whether you're looking for a hostess gift, starter sets for a bride and groom, a vase for wild flowers, or pieces for your own home.

Providence Road Pottery
Providence Road Pottery

Mighty Mud Studios

127 Jennings Avenue

Knoxville, TN 37917

Samantha L Doyle Artwork

Samantha L Doyle

Nature Inspired Fine Art

I am an artist inspired by nature, interested in capturing very close-up or faraway views. My paintings are primarily watercolor, but I also dabble in acrylic and oil. They are derived from observable details of flowers or landscapes typically, often inspired by my photography and my imagination. God's creation is my biggest influence and I want to express its beauty through my work.

Samantha L Doyle
Samantha L Doyle

Laura Goff Designs

Stained glass, leaded, painted, sandblasted, and beveled glass

Hello! I'm Laura Goff Parham, a stained glass artist in Knoxville, Tennessee. If you're looking to adds some color and light to your home, business or church, I'd love to help you. I work in leaded glass, beveled glass, stained glass, painted glass, and etched glass which is also called sandblasted glass. It's my passion to create beautiful pieces of art in all different shapes, sizes and colors.I'm always pushing myself to create beautiful pieces of art that will withstand the test of time. I always strive to do my best work for my clients.

Laura Goff Designs
Laura Goff Designs
Laura Goff Designs

519 Lovell Rd, Ste 306, Knoxville, TN 37932

Open Monday-Friday 9-5


There is a directions page on my website. 

Proffitt's Woodworks

Woodturning + Woodburning 

I grew up working with my Dad in his wood shop. My sister and I took over his shop in 1993, and have been making crafts for over 20 years.

We make candle holders, wooden jar lids, lidded honey dippers, wooden fruit, rolling pins, vases etc.

Proffitt's Woodworks
Proffitt's Woodworks

3615 Lindsey Mill Rd Gatlinburg,TN

Bird on the Wire Studios

Bird on the Wire Studios

Metal Sculpture, Retail Display, Lighting, Merchandising Fixtures, Architectural Signs & More.

Bird on the Wire Studios is a creative manufacturing facility in East Knoxville, TN whose projects range from residential interior redesign to retail design and build-out, to the design and manufacturing of large-scale corporate sculpture, signage, lighting, and merchandising elements.

We work with architects to refine, collaborate on, and execute their designer’s vision for new commercial build-outs and re-builds while focusing on the digital brand architecture and voice to ensure all tangible, branded elements, both interior and exterior, are created beautifully, built to last, and ensure brand recognition.

We work with interior designers and architects to re-imagine residential spaces and create the perfect pieces to represent our shared vision while illustrating the personality of the homeowner.

We work with small business owners, NPO’s, and corporate clients to breathe phsyical life into their brands by designing and manufacturing signage, branded sculptural elements, and event spaces.

Bird on the Wire Studios
Bird on the Wire Studios

Jessica Travis Photography & Design

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Handmade signs home decor and Custom Gifts

I make handmade custom gifts and home decor out of a small workshop in our garage. I primarily make wooden signs, pillows, tea towels, and curated gift baskets.

The Shoppes at Fountain City Station

5311 N Broadway noxville, TN 37918

Monday-Saturday 10 - 6. Open seasonally on Sundays from 1-6

(865) 469-2101

The Shoppes at Homespun in Farragut

11523 Kingston Pike, Farragut, TN 37934

Open Monday - Saturday from 10 - 6 and Sundays from 1-6

(865) 671-3444.

Aespyre Metal Design

Sculpture, ornamental and architectural ironwork

I design and create sculpture, trophies, ornamental and architectural metalwork. Ranging from large, outdoor and site-specific sculpture to custom trophies for large corporations like RedBull and GoPro, to hand forged iron railings and fire screens for homes, our work explores and defies the boundaries of metalwork. Our willingness to challenge limits enables us to make exciting discoveries in our chosen medium.

Aespyre Metal Design
Aespyre Metal Design
Aespyre Metal Design

119 Jennings Avenue Knoxville TN, 37917

Soil and Steel

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Steel products such as chandeliers, railings, sculpture, etc.

I started my business in 2010 focusing on metalwork and gardening. While I still do some garden work, my business has mainly shifted towards metal art. Aside from sculpture, I have made railings, chandeliers, beds, archways, gates, firescreens, and more. I enjoy designing work for a specific location, and tend to lean towards art deco, art nouveau, arts & crafts / craftsman style. Though I work with with a hard, heavy, and dirty medium, my aim is to soften and shape it into something beautiful that will add to a persons everyday life.

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Rachel Writes Fancy

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Hand lettered art, originals and prints. Custom Gifts and Home Decor.

I create hand-lettered works of art to add a touch of beauty and inspiration into your home. For as long as I can remember, I have loved letterforms — and how the style of the letters speak as much as the words they depict. I was introduced to calligraphy in middle school when I discovered my mom’s old fountain pen, and she taught me how to make fancy letters for the first time. My fascination with letters continued through high school and then college, where I got my BA in studio art. I learned watercolor brush lettering techniques in 2015, and now I'm putting brush to paper to write my favorite quotes with some fancy flair!