Storymaker Media


Music & Video Production

Storymaker Media is the parent company of 7Vine Music (Music Production Studio) and Storymaker Media a video production studio. We write and record original music, record the music of other artists, do voice over work for commercials and corporate entities, and create visual marketing through video and images for social media as well as LOGO branding.

Anna Greer

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Illustrations and Comics  

I write and draw comics along with standalone illustrations. I graduated summa cum laude from UT after making my own major— Social Justice and Storytelling: Advocating for Human Rights Through Comics. Most of my work is digital art (drawn on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil using Procreate or Adobe Draw and manipulated in Photoshop on my laptop), but I am versed in traditional media (India ink, pastels, oil paints, Intaglio) as well. My perspective as a feminist activist definitely informs my art.

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Paloma Karwnski Illustration

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Whatever you do, you're playing a highly sophisticated game of show and tell in order to connect with your audience. I work with you to create original hand-drawn illustrations that bring unique texture and character to those connections—whether they're happening in your neighborhood or bridging great distances.

Timshel Creative

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 Films, Photos, Branding

My name is Jake Wynn, and Timshel Creative is my brainchild.

I’ve always loved creative work. I grew up writing, making videos, playing music and eventually found a way to do that for a living, with filmmaking and photography. I’ve worked with nonprofits, brides, city chambers, and small business owners to tell their stories in a meaningful way, and I hope I’ll get the chance to do the same with you.

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Pam Hamilton Fine Art and Design

Pam Hamilton

Fine Art | Graphic Design

With varying degrees of abstraction, I paint about silence and solitude – essential moments in life. The surface of the painting is critical and I spend time with the texture and colors. In addition to painting, I create digital design work for various clients around the world.

Pam Hamilton
Pam Hamilton

Alex Bonner Design

Illustrations + Branding + Publication Layout

I am a graphic designer by trade but have been drawing since I was little, an activity that has brought me joy throughout my life. I graduated from NC State's College of Design, finding graphic design through my love of illustration. I have strived to combine my interests of art, design, and biology into work that is uniquely my own.

Alex Bonner Design
Alex Bonner Design

The Tennessee Table

Podcast and Radio Show and fine art portraits

A Podcast & Radio Broadcast featuring the people of Tennessee who produce, prepare & preserve regional foods & agricultural products. Portraits and prints of Tennessee Icons, food, farmers & historic subjects.

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L.C. Pierpont Photography


Hello there! My name is Laura of L.C. Pierpont Photography. I'm a fine art, editorial and commercial photographer. With a focus on portraiture, I strive to create and record important stories about people who matter--and about those who we might not think matter. I often use film to slow down, catch the light as I see it and let its magic elevate the subject. If you have a story to tell, I'll be there with my camera (her name is Big Bertha).

L.C. Pierpont Photography
L.C. Pierpont Photography

Big Slate Media

Big Slate Media

Content Creation + Media

We are a full-service content creation agency making content that doesn't suck. Focused on telling the story of events, outdoors and corporate culture, we strive to make engaging content viewers actually care about.

1110 Abilene Place Knoxville, TN 37917

Open Monday-Friday 9-5

My Attempts at Art

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Downtown Knoxville Art Pieces

My overall goal with my art, is to not only create art that is meaningful and unique, I believe art has the amazing ability to spark conversation that ultimately brings people closer together.

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NJS Design Company

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Branding & Website Design for Handmade Businesses. Custom furniture design & building & currently beginning website design for woodworkers and makers

I design and build websites for handmade businesses. I have designed and built custom furniture for 10 years and also have a degree in design. Those two things combined create a special skill set to help and encourage those who run handmade businesses.


Roaming Redhead Photography

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I can do family portraits, environmental portraits, photos for your business, real estate photos, and product photos.

I see the world in components, little pieces fit together to make the whole. My work is much the same. I create components and then mix and match those components into functional, sculptural or wearable works.

Sherwood Media


Brand/Promo/Documentary Videos

A Knoxville native, I love creating unique, creative video content for businesses and organizations. My services range from story/concept development to production to editing and distribution. I've honed my skills creating documentary and promotional films around the world, from New York to LA, from Iraq to the Philippines. I've worked in broadcast at the 2010 Winter Olympics and on film sets in Hollywood. I launched Sherwood Media in 2015 to provide business with affordable, quality video content.

Sherwood Media
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