Help us plan The Maker City Summit 2019!

Control your destiny

Let’s begin by assuming you have put a great big circle around September 8 on your calendar (that’s the date of this year’s Maker City Summit). 

If you haven’t, here’s why you should: 

  1. The Maker City Summit is a day-long event offering creative business owners real life advice and inspiration to run a handmade business with confidence. Our fourth annual Summit will take place at The Mill & Mine in the Old City.

  2. Makers – whether they are craftspeople, musicians, designers or contract manufacturers – can learn in several different formats: by listening to keynote speakers and panel discussions; by participating in breakout sessions and small groups; by meeting one-on-one with subject matter experts; and by networking with other local makers. 

  3. Last year’s summit attracted more than 300 makers. They left with tangible lists to take their business to the next level and connections that continue to this day.

  4. If that’s not enough, consider coffee and goodies to start the day, a delicious lunch, and happy hour to wrap things up. 

What could be better than that?

How about giving input on what you want to learn? 


Tell us what you want, what you really really want

The 2019 Maker City Summit committee is already planning this year’s event, but before they go full steam ahead we’re asking our maker community what topics you’re interested in exploring at this year’s summit.

What problems (sorry, opportunities!) do you encounter that you’d like help solving? Are you satisfied with your website and social media presence? Are you comfortable with your accounting system? Do you wish you could have just a few minutes to ask advice from an expert? What would you ask?

The Summit is for you, so help us customize it to your needs! Fill out the Maker City Summit survey before the end of May and we’ll do our best to build your input into the day’s agenda. 


Stay tuned for news about this year’s lineup