Make. Learn. Grow. | Meet the People with 'Heart'

Later this week on July 18, we’ll host our next Make. Learn. Grow. lunchtime learning session. “The Heart Part” will bring together business coaches and entrepreneurs to talk about the “softer side” of running a business: growth without madness, loneliness and isolation, stress and burnout.

Here’s who is on the agenda Thursday, along with a bit about what you can expect to hear from them: 

Jody Collins / Feral Giant


Jody started in the field of graphic design and printing in 1992 as a student at Fulton High School.  Over the course of his career he has worked both freelancing and full-time for print shops, newspapers, magazines, nonprofits, small businesses and international corporations, learning marketing, branding, public relations, advertising, and social media strategy along the way. He is a published photographer, videographer and writer and owner of the graphic design, illustration, and social media consultation company Feral Giant.


What he’ll talk about: “I reckon the mantra of my section would be “keep moving forward.” I’ve been a designer for 27+ years, struck out on my own around 3 years ago, and have seen a multitude of high peaks and 37,000-feet-below-sea-level valleys. Through it all, I’ve kept moving forward, and helped a bunch of compatriots start their own businesses.”

Jennifer Gamble / Leadership Coach and Consultant

Jennifer Gamble

Throughout her career, Jennifer’s work has been focused on developing globally minded leaders with strong intercultural skills that enable them to make a positive global impact in the world. Her passion for developing leaders of this sort is born from her high school immersion experiences in Japan, Puerto Rico and England and has grown as she traveled and worked in over 50 countries in the past 20 years.


What to expect from Jennifer:“My coaching approach (which is available with more info on my website) uses a presence-based approach. The power we have is in the present moment. I’ll be focusing on tangible actions leaders can use every day to cultivate more present-moment awareness, reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, and create habits that lead them to their desired vision of their personal and professional life.”

Booth Andrews / Business coach

Booth Andrews

Booth has 20 years of experience as a leader, CEO, attorney and mentor, leading individuals, teams and organizations through strategic, operational, and cultural growth and transformation.  

What Booth wants to share:She also has the experience of crashing and burning, and she aims to keep the same from happening to those she coaches. She wants you to create a road map for life and work that allows you to be fully present, clear, peaceful, and free so you are able to bring your best to your family, work, community and the world.  

Keith Galloway / KG Success Coaching


Keith is a former high school math teacher and basketball coach turned business consultant. He is an author, motivational speaker and mindset coach who helps business owners transform their business and life.

What to expect from Keith: “Trying to identify the issues challenging your business is like trying to read a book about an inch from the page. You’re so close to everything you have no idea what’s going on. My role is to work mainly with the owners to help them grow their businesses without it being overly stressful.”