Goal Setting

Steph Crowder | Fizzle



In this session, we'll toss out the tired, fluffy goal setting and instead dig into a 5-step process for setting REAL goals… not the fake stuff that you set and feel hopeful about for a few weeks before fizzling out. Learn how to set goals that you’ll STICK with and use them to power your business.

The Maker City Summit is thrilled to announce that Steph Crowder is one of our Keynote speakers. She is the head of Member Success at Fizzle, a community of 2,000+ other small, independent entrepreneurs who are working hard to earn a living doing something they love. 

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Steph considers herself a strategic thinker and collaborative leader who loves to build things that create profound results. She believes that confidence is a precious resource that unlocks vitality & success, and it's her personal mission to help dream career chasers & entrepreneurs everywhere tap into theirs.

Steph Crowder is 1/3 of the team at Fizzle.co, the place for courses + community for creatives, makers and entrepreneurs. She also hosts the Courage & Clarity podcast and co-hosts The Fizzle Show. With a background in sales training for tech startups, Steph now coaches thousands of entrepreneurs determined to earn an independent living doing something they love. She's a wife, mom to a one-year-old, loves wine, design and a good dance floor.