UPDATE: 1200 McCalla Avenue RFP

The search continues for 1200 McCalla developer…

The City of Knoxville has issued a second request for proposals (RFP) for the redevelopment of the two-story office building it owns at 1200 McCalla Ave. The first RFP on the property was issued in July of 2018. The original goal was to provide support for the maker community by requiring the redeveloped use to be small-scale manufacturing. 


This time, submissions are open to all proposals for purchase and reuse of the property. Ideally, a small-scale manufacturing use is preferred, but the City encourages any and all creative proposals. All proposals still require a summary of how and why the proposed use is best for the property as well as the district. The city’s goal in selling the property is to help strengthen the business base and improve economic revitalization in the Magnolia Warehouse District.

The City received no proposals following the issuance of the first RFP, said Bryan Berry, project manager for the City’s Office of Redevelopment. 

“We had various people and groups take a look at it, and I think there were a couple some factors. One, the general condition of the building: it will probably need to be rewired, the roof may need work, and it has to be brought up to code,” he said. “Two, the RFP that we initially released was very maker focused, and ideally we’d still prefer that, but this time we opened it up and said if you have a creative proposal as well as a summary of how and why it’ll work, we’d love to hear it. Third, we left it the original RFP kind of vague about regarding the city’s expectations about receiving its the appraisal value.” 


The new RFP clarifies the city’s position on offering price. An appraisal completed in 2017 valued the property at between $250,000 and $270,000. However, it is understood that redevelopment of the property will require a significant investment and the City is open to negotiation. Any offering price must be accompanied with an overall proposed budget and explanation/justification on the reduced price.

“The funny thing is since the first RFP ended, we’ve had a fair amount of interest in the building. Hopefully we can get some momentum going,” he said. 

The City has committed to the Magnolia Warehouse District, currently doing a streetscape project about three blocks north of the building, Berry said. “The goal is to take the investment we’ve seen downtown and try to encourage it to move outwards as it has along Broadway and Central.” Bird on the Wire Studios and Smart + Becker are maker spaces already located just across the street from the property.

A pre-proposals meeting for interested parties will be held at 2 p.m. Feb. 1 at 1200 McCalla Ave. Project proposals are due by 11 a.m. on April 15 to the City of Knoxville’s Purchasing Division. 

1200 McCalla Avenue is a 0.19 acre parcel of land with parking spaces for about 10 vehicles. The building is just above 6,000 square feet. It was most recently used by the City of Knoxville Police Department and the Parks and Recreation Department. The building is not equipped with an elevator or sprinklers. 

Want to know more? Find a link to the RFP here.  A link to the blog about the original RFP is here


The City of Knoxville is seeking proposals from a responsible individual, firm, or team to purchase and develop the property. The city strongly encourages prime contractors to employ diverse businesses in the fulfillment of contracts/projects for the City of Knoxville.   


1200 McCalla Avenue is a 0.19 acre parcel with a two-story office building that is currently vacant. The building is approximately 6,033 square feet with the first floor at 3,154 square feet and the second floor with 2,879 square feet. The foundation is a concrete slab with painted masonry block exterior walls. The building is not equipped with an elevator or sprinklers.  

The City makes no representations of any kind relative to the condition of the building, its contents, interior or exterior materials, or condition of the land on which the building is located, accuracy of plans, or any statement relative to this building at 1200 McCalla Avenue. Interested parties are directed to perform their own due diligence on this property. This includes property survey, deed research, appraisal, environmental assessment, etc.


The property has frontages along Willow Avenue, S. Bell Street, and McCalla Avenue. Topography is level along McCalla Avenue and then gradually slopes down to the rear of the site. The property has good visual exposure to McCalla Avenue and driveway access to Willow Avenue and S. Bell Street. Existing parking will accommodate up to ten angled spaces. On-street parking is also available.