Summit Spotlight: Topics on the Table

Topics on the table

Here’s What we’ll be talking about at The Maker City Summit

Sure, there’ll be chat about how good K Brew’s coffee is and where we saw each other last and which TaKo Taco entrée we chose for lunch, but we’re at the Summit on Sept. 8 to learn how to run a better business, and there’ll be LOTS of ways to do that. Here are the topics of talks that day. We’re pretty sure there’s something you’ll want to know. 



Keynote speaker Shunta Grant leads off the lineup with a talk about unbusying your business. Shunta says she runs a maker business, records a podcast and coaches other women entrepreneurs working two days a week. Who wouldn’t want to know how to do THAT??


The first panel discussion of the day is about thriving instead of surviving and how being inclusive strengthens Knoxville’s maker community. Jessica Comer, Enkeshi El-Amin, Kenneth Herring and Kukuly Uriarte will participate in a conversation moderated by Haseeb Qureshi.


This discussion moderated by Jody Collins answers some hard questions: How valuable is your time? How much will a customer pay? How can pricing set you on a path to sustainable growth? Lucy Simpson, John Phillips and Charlene Izere will participate. 


Where do you start building a wholesale business? Led by Dan Davis, wholesale experts Mary Kate Thurman, Marcus Hall, Natalea Riley and Allie Biddle will share their know-how about online platforms, linesheets, tradeshows and more. 


How do you turn a browser into a buyer? Digital marketing experts Ron and Kate McKnight will discuss sales and marketing strategies that build trust and customer engagement. 


It’s easy to doubt yourself when you’re running a small business and spending a lot of time alone. This panel of makers and business owners includes Daje Morris, Chyna Brackeen, Sarah Moore and Joshua Peterson, and they will tackle self-doubt and help you own your awesomeness. Moderated by Tanika Harper. 


What maker business would thrive without a healthy dose of creativity on the reg? Jonathan Clark of The Carpetbag Theatre will lead an exercise in unlocking your creative genius and bringing it to your everyday life and work. 

Is that not enough? 

Well, good, because there are also lots of opportunities to meet with a business expert for a one-on-one conversation or to join a small table discussion on a variety of topics. 

Not to mention the chance to connect with other makers and pick each other’s brains and form connections that might lead to – who knows where?

Bottom line: You’ll want to be there. Have you registered yet? Do it now. Right here

Hear more at The Maker City Summit 2019!


The 2019 Maker City Summit


Sunday, September 8 from 9:30am- 4:15pm

Maker Meetup + afterparty to follow


A day full of inspiration, practical know-how, and dialogue about growing a successful business doing what you love


$45 advance / $50 at the door


The Mill & Mine, 227 W Depot Ave