Summit Spotlight: Un-Busy Your Business

Getting to know keynote speaker Shunta Grant

How Shunta went from lawyer to maker to business coach 

Business coach and podcaster Shunta Grant leads off the lineup at the The Maker City Summit 2019 on September 8 with her advice for “un-busying” your business. Here are some maybe-you-didn’t-know details about Shunta’s path – and why you’ll want to be at the Summit to hear her!

Shunta Grant
  • Shunta worked as a lawyer in a private practice in Greer, SC, for seven years. Six years ago daughter Zoe joined the family, and Shunta taught herself how to make hairbows for her baby. “I found some really cool fabrics and made a lot of bows and put them on Instagram. I didn’t think much of it until stores started contacting me,” she said. In 2105 it was goodbye law, hello making. Shunta launched Because of Zoe Designs.

  • Shunta had no background in business or marketing. “I learned by trial and error. My customers taught me a lot,” she said. “If you read what they have to say (on social media) and act as if you care, they’ll tell you what matters to them. Listen to them.” It wasn’t long before she formed a Facebook group, Bozlovers lounge, to share pictures, react to product designs and create community. 

  • Along the way women began asking her how she was building a business and how they might do the same. “I saw the same questions over and over, and I became a business educator. It just grew organically. I was perfecting my own business and helping other people do the same thing.” She developed an online course and records a weekly podcast called Business Life and Joy. “Women thought they needed to better organize their crazy. I said no, you need to get rid of a lot of busy. Get off the busy bus.”

  • Did we mention that son Liam joined the family a year ago? 

  • So now Shunta does speaking engagements, hosts a monthly live call with her business clients, records a weekly podcast AND maintains her hairbow business and – brace yourself! – works, she says, two days a week, from 8am to 3pm. Yes, she has a staff to help her get that done. But here’s her message to makers: 

“I can show you what it looks like to do business and live life on the other side of busy – and why it matters. What I teach people it how to do that and what to give priority to. You have to be willing to say no, realizing there’s a better yes on the other side.”

Hear more from Shunta at The Maker City Summit 2019!


The 2019 Maker City Summit


Sunday, September 8 from 9:30am- 4:15pm

Maker Meetup + afterparty to follow


A day full of inspiration, practical know-how, and dialogue about growing a successful business doing what you love


$45 advance / $50 at the door


The Mill & Mine, 227 W Depot Ave