Body Mind Realign Chiropractic & The Gratitude Bar

Body Mind Realign

Holistic chiropractic treatments + Gratinis

We make people happy, healthy through holistic chiropractic treatments AND Gratitinis. Gratitinis are non alcohol drinks made with plant essences from all over the world. Never mass produced...always organic or wild crafted. Everything in our space is full of high vibes! We also offer energetic work including chakra balancing and sound baths! Dr. Jane practices Functional Medicine infused with chiropractic and full body adjustments, Passive yoga and dry needling, energy balancing, detoxes, and holistic support. We also offer “Gratitinis”, an extraordinary non alcohol cocktail complete with aromatherapy and sound bath. The shop contains unique gifts and local art. We sponser “Happy Healthy Spa Day Parties” in local breweries and pubs.

Body Mind Realign

111 N Central St #100

Knoxville, TN 37902