Paula Thomas Resin Art

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Abstract Resin Artwork

I create abstract art using the fluid medium of resin mixed with a myriad of paints and inks to create intensely reflective, colorful, layered pieces ranging from smaller home decor items such as trays to larger canvases to define a space. I work primarily on metal composite panels, wood panels and and skate decks. I particularly enjoy collaborating on custom pieces that bring inspiration to your space.

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Emily Shane Art

Emily Shane

One-of-a-kind functional art from discarded book covers

I make room divider screens, mirror and picture frames, boxes, etc. decorated with hardback book covers, also original art. I use discarded book covers to create one-of-a-kind functional and decorative pieces. I also offer studio time for use of a 12"x12" steel rule die cutter. Instead of unwanted hardback books ending up in landfills, I thought "why not upcycle them into art?" I make 2-D and functional book cover art using knives, paper cutters, and steel rule dies.

Emily Shane
Emily Shane

Architectural Antics

Architectural Antics

Functional, sculptural and wearable glass and clay

Our shop is full of art, architecturals, and antiques. From stained glass and vintage doors to decorative ironwork and garden decor, we are a resource for artists, decorators, makers, creators, homeowners and businesses. We also rent decor and make custom creations emphasizing the use of architectural salvage.

820 N Broadway

Knoxville, TN 37917