Origami Day

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Work Life Balance Products & Services  

Origami Day is a lifestyle of balance and the tools to maintain it. We help people shape their time to achieve work life balance by prioritizing, planning, and being more present, to live a life of peace AND productivity.

I am Samantha Lane and I am a reformed workaholic. I now use my passion for efficiency to help others find work life balance without compromising productivity. I created a two-part time management system made up of a planner/notebook and folding weekly planning sheet. Anyone can benefit from using the tools independently or as a system.

107 Bearden Place

Knoxville, TN 37917

City of Refuge, Inc.

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We unite local creatives, connecting them with families/individuals coping with trauma (foster, adoptive, human trafficking victims, etc.)  

Kyle and Elizabeth Ford started City of Refuge, Inc. as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2016 as a way to help support families coping with trauma. As foster parents, they saw the need of better support systems for foster/adoptive families, but also how visual arts, music, and the maker arts could help someone find their story and better cope with feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, etc. Now, we create a community of local creatives using interactive concerts and workshops, better equip families and individuals coping with trauma through workshops, and connect the two together through mentorship opportunities.

Anna Greer

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Illustrations and Comics  

I write and draw comics along with standalone illustrations. I graduated summa cum laude from UT after making my own major— Social Justice and Storytelling: Advocating for Human Rights Through Comics. Most of my work is digital art (drawn on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil using Procreate or Adobe Draw and manipulated in Photoshop on my laptop), but I am versed in traditional media (India ink, pastels, oil paints, Intaglio) as well. My perspective as a feminist activist definitely informs my art.

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Frussies Deli & Bakery


 Artisan Breads and House-Cured Delicatessen Meats

Frussies Deli & Bakery has been making fresh bread by hand in small batches since 1986. We then top the pillow soft bread with our house-cured and roasted deli meats. Placing an emphasis on freshness, consistency, and hospitality has garnered a loyal following of devoted sandwich lovers.

722 S Gay Street, Knoxville, TN 37902

Open for Lunch Monday thru Friday 11am-3pm


Timshel Creative

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 Films, Photos, Branding

My name is Jake Wynn, and Timshel Creative is my brainchild.

I’ve always loved creative work. I grew up writing, making videos, playing music and eventually found a way to do that for a living, with filmmaking and photography. I’ve worked with nonprofits, brides, city chambers, and small business owners to tell their stories in a meaningful way, and I hope I’ll get the chance to do the same with you.

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knox upholstery

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I upholster furniture, make pillows and other soft goods

At Knox Upholstery, It's your furniture, but better! We take old furniture and make it into something beautiful and unique to the client; something that you won't find in anyone else's home or business. At Knox Upholstery, bespoke furniture is not mass produced on a factory floor, it is hand-crafted by artisans with every stitch.

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Body Mind Realign Chiropractic & The Gratitude Bar

Body Mind Realign

Holistic chiropractic treatments + Gratinis

We make people happy, healthy through holistic chiropractic treatments AND Gratitinis. Gratitinis are non alcohol drinks made with plant essences from all over the world. Never mass produced...always organic or wild crafted. Everything in our space is full of high vibes! We also offer energetic work including chakra balancing and sound baths! Dr. Jane practices Functional Medicine infused with chiropractic and full body adjustments, Passive yoga and dry needling, energy balancing, detoxes, and holistic support. We also offer “Gratitinis”, an extraordinary non alcohol cocktail complete with aromatherapy and sound bath. The shop contains unique gifts and local art. We sponser “Happy Healthy Spa Day Parties” in local breweries and pubs.

Body Mind Realign

111 N Central St #100

Knoxville, TN 37902

Alex Bonner Design

Illustrations + Branding + Publication Layout

I am a graphic designer by trade but have been drawing since I was little, an activity that has brought me joy throughout my life. I graduated from NC State's College of Design, finding graphic design through my love of illustration. I have strived to combine my interests of art, design, and biology into work that is uniquely my own.

Alex Bonner Design
Alex Bonner Design

Laura Goff Designs

Stained glass, leaded, painted, sandblasted, and beveled glass

Hello! I'm Laura Goff Parham, a stained glass artist in Knoxville, Tennessee. If you're looking to adds some color and light to your home, business or church, I'd love to help you. I work in leaded glass, beveled glass, stained glass, painted glass, and etched glass which is also called sandblasted glass. It's my passion to create beautiful pieces of art in all different shapes, sizes and colors.I'm always pushing myself to create beautiful pieces of art that will withstand the test of time. I always strive to do my best work for my clients.

Laura Goff Designs
Laura Goff Designs
Laura Goff Designs

519 Lovell Rd, Ste 306, Knoxville, TN 37932

Open Monday-Friday 9-5


There is a directions page on my website. 

With Bear Hands

With Bear Hands

Design Inspired Folk Art

I am an artist with a BFA in studio art who loves to make folk-style paintings and collage pieces made with recycled materials. These works are inspired by a vast array of loves: thrift stores, an affinity for different materials and textures, folk art, cartoons, children's books, animals, fashion, architecture, and design. I love making work that only my brain can dream up, but I also love making custom work for people such as pet portraits cut out of wood and painted as well as portraits of people clad in different recycled papers and memorabilia. I work from my home studio in Parkridge, TN, which allows my love of multitasking (aka A.D.D.) sparkle.

With Bear Hands

L.C. Pierpont Photography


Hello there! My name is Laura of L.C. Pierpont Photography. I'm a fine art, editorial and commercial photographer. With a focus on portraiture, I strive to create and record important stories about people who matter--and about those who we might not think matter. I often use film to slow down, catch the light as I see it and let its magic elevate the subject. If you have a story to tell, I'll be there with my camera (her name is Big Bertha).

L.C. Pierpont Photography
L.C. Pierpont Photography

Erin McCall Photography

Erin McCall


The trust and vulnerability my clients offer me never fails to astound me. My desire is to return moments to my clients. This means less planning, more conversation. I want to hear their stories, learn about their connection to their partner, understand the heart behind their business. Then, my work is about spinning moments, gestures, people and connection into photographs.

Erin McCall
Erin McCall

Brex International, LLC

The Hedgehog

The Hedgehog Featherboard

I am a product developer and my latest product is the Hedgehog featherboard used by woodworkers to work safer and be more productive. The patent pending design utilizes a single pivot point that enables fast setups and quick adjustments. This means it gets used more than traditional featherboards which enhances shop safety and workflow.

The Hedgehog

Sherwood Media


Brand/Promo/Documentary Videos

A Knoxville native, I love creating unique, creative video content for businesses and organizations. My services range from story/concept development to production to editing and distribution. I've honed my skills creating documentary and promotional films around the world, from New York to LA, from Iraq to the Philippines. I've worked in broadcast at the 2010 Winter Olympics and on film sets in Hollywood. I launched Sherwood Media in 2015 to provide business with affordable, quality video content.

Sherwood Media
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