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Tonya Rea’s Teas and Remedies

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Make herbal teas and herbal and aromatherapy products

As a professionally trained herbalist and aromatherapist, I offer handmade products for natural health. After facing a couple of health crisis events in our family, I needed more than what traditional medicine could offer. When I saw how much natural remedies helped my family, I had a desire to help others. I graduated from a Tennessee authorizes wellness college in Nashville about 3 years ago, and now pursing a business degree. All my product ingredients are ethically sourced and I only use the finest of ingredients to ensure a quality product that works!

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Antebel Apothecary

Antebel Apothecary

Mindfully crafted herbal remedies & artisan-blended loose leaf tea

I make small batches of high quality herbal products using strictly organic ingredients. I also lead DIY workshops & educational classes to show people how to incorporate herbs into their daily lives for health and improved wellbeing.

Molly Brown's

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I handcraft essential oil and herbal products for pain, stress, allergies. Beeswax balms, pump sprays

My first product was my Omega Pain Spray in 2005. It was the result of seeing many friends ,and family get lost in pharmaceutical fog. I still have many customers from the beginning of my business, and they are the ones that have advertised my business. Products with a purpose.

Molly Brown's