Chaser And Burk Custom Furniture

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Mid Century Modern Custom Furniture and Home Goods

My passion for woodworking was realized when I made a simple shelf for my wife in 2013. Soon after I began obsessively learning everything I could woodworking and furniture design. I got a job at a small commercial furniture shop that made rustic style furniture as I began to build my own business on the side. I grew more and more fascinated with Mid Century Modern design and 2 years later I finally took the plunge and quit that job to start my own business. Since then I have developed deep relationships with my clients as we worked closely together to design and build furniture that met their practical needs and gave their house a touch of comfort and beauty.

I use the highest quality locally sourced hardwoods and time tested building techniques to provide my clients with heirloom quality furniture and home furnishings that they can cherish for a lifetime. I believe in taking the time to make things the right way, even if it's not the easiest, and I stand behind the products that I make.

Satisfaction guaranteed, every time.

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