Steeplechase Collective

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Branding for Businesses

Steeplechase Collective is a brand design team with a combined twenty years experience. Founders and designers Erica Beck and Elliot Lollis have Southern roots that run deep and sophisticated style that runs deeper. Their mission with SC is to serve clients above and beyond their expectations, creating unique brands that surprise and delight through the beautiful process of high design.

Gina's Art Hammond

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 Art cards and canvas art

I got started doing art 23 years ago. I started painting furniture. Keeping my day jobs at The Great Wall and Sertoma Center I started taking stained glass art classes and oil painting classes. Today I sell in 6 shops and am growing. I am a card artist and canvas artist selling in 6 shops. I give back to Feeding the Orphans in Ghana, Africa. I make art by using canvas, washi tape and oil paint.

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The Tennessee Table

Podcast and Radio Show and fine art portraits

A Podcast & Radio Broadcast featuring the people of Tennessee who produce, prepare & preserve regional foods & agricultural products. Portraits and prints of Tennessee Icons, food, farmers & historic subjects.

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Libacious Craft Cocktail Catering

Libacious Craft Cocktail Catering

Craft beverage consultation and service

You don’t have to go to a great bar to have a great bar experience. Libacious brings that friendly sophistication to any party. We provide full-service beverage consulting, menu design, and bar service for nonprofit, private, and corporate events. We also offer cocktail workshops and classes.

Libacious Craft Cocktail Catering
Libacious Cocktail Catering
Libacious Craft Cocktail Catering

Curtis Glover Creative

Curtis Glover

Murals, art, live art

I've been painting large-scale murals in the Knoxville area for the last 2 1/2 years since I went out on my own. From bars, restaurants, schools, city buildings and park walls, I have worked with numerous local businesses by visually and physically interpreting their ideas to help their business grow and become eye-catching. I do not plan to stop any time soon and hope to create some sort of art movement in this city which is already happening.

Curtis Glover
Curtis Glover
Curtis Glover
Curtis Glover

The Jackson Avenue Tea Company

Jackson Avenue Tea Company

Whole Leaf Tea and Tea Blends

We shop the world to bring our customers the finest whole leaf teas direct. We love to educate and inform our clients about different types of tea, how to brew tea, how to serve tea, and how to use it for its health benefits. We also love to experiment with new recipes and new blends, and we carry cool tools for home brewing.

555 W. Jackson Avenue, Ste 302 Knoxville TN, 37902

Sat 11am-4pm


My Attempts at Art

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Downtown Knoxville Art Pieces

My overall goal with my art, is to not only create art that is meaningful and unique, I believe art has the amazing ability to spark conversation that ultimately brings people closer together.

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NJS Design Company

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Branding & Website Design for Handmade Businesses. Custom furniture design & building & currently beginning website design for woodworkers and makers

I design and build websites for handmade businesses. I have designed and built custom furniture for 10 years and also have a degree in design. Those two things combined create a special skill set to help and encourage those who run handmade businesses.


Roaming Redhead Photography

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I can do family portraits, environmental portraits, photos for your business, real estate photos, and product photos.

I see the world in components, little pieces fit together to make the whole. My work is much the same. I create components and then mix and match those components into functional, sculptural or wearable works.

The Retropolitan Craft Fair


Contemporary craft and vintage market

We are a hand selected indie-craft marketplace featuring the South East’s finest talents in contemporary craft and design while also incorporating vintage and upcycled goods. Each vendor is chosen exclusively after a juried event. They are then curated based on one-of-a-kind products, creativity, and retropolitan swagger.


The Chef's Workshop

The Chef's Workshop

A maker space for food entrepreneurs

The Chef’s Workshop is a Maker Space dedicated to assisting local food entrepreneurs launch or grow their food businesses. We do this by offering access to 4 Fully Licensed Commercial Kitchens that are rentable by the hour, helping to eliminate the financial barriers of entry associated with starting a new business. We also have an in-house food consultant who has assisted in the launch of 40+ food businesses as a resource for entrepreneurs who need guidance along the way.

I’m a Food Business Consultant who managed a Kitchen incubator in OH for a number of years as well as a foodie vlogger known as The Local Food Guy. I was hired as Executive Director of The Chef’s Workshop, which is a Kitchen Incubator being built in West Knoxville to assist local food entrepreneurs with the launch or growth of their businesses. As an avid foodie, I immediately fell in love with the city as well as its tremendous local food scene. I look forward to the possibility of being a resource for Knoxville Makers!

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The Chef's Workshop
The Chef's Workshop

Far Productions

Far Productions


Far productions is a team of enthusiastic and creative storytellers with the objective of collaborating with clients, in order to deliver the highest quality video service. From pre-production to delivery, we will work with you in every step of the way, making sure the final product will fit your needs and expectations.

Far Productions
Far Productions