Soil and Steel

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Steel products such as chandeliers, railings, sculpture, etc.

I started my business in 2010 focusing on metalwork and gardening. While I still do some garden work, my business has mainly shifted towards metal art. Aside from sculpture, I have made railings, chandeliers, beds, archways, gates, firescreens, and more. I enjoy designing work for a specific location, and tend to lean towards art deco, art nouveau, arts & crafts / craftsman style. Though I work with with a hard, heavy, and dirty medium, my aim is to soften and shape it into something beautiful that will add to a persons everyday life.

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Fork Design

Fork Design

Building design fabricator architect

Forrest Kirkpatrick is the design principal at Fork Design. Why Fork Design? He just removed the extra letters from his name--they weren't unnecessary, just extra. The studio works in the same way: there are lots of choices out there. To create the most value in a project, we cut out the extras and deliver the parts that will give your project the most value. Design is not as much premium as it is choice.

Fork Design
Fork Design

524 Williams St. Knoxville, TN 37917


Hours: Open Monday-Friday 9-5 : Closed Saturday & Sunday 

Elemental Design Company


Making Solutions

Elemental Design Company has a diverse fabrication, construction and installation experience that spans both commercial and residential applications and clients. Our knowledge base includes working with a variety of materials including steel, wood and glass fiber reinforced concrete.


Kite Flight Design

Creative fabricator + carpenter

I speak with customers about what they design in their homes or places of business. We work together to come up with a design that will occupy the residents space and time. I do this by creating totally custom furniture, decor, cabinetry, wall hanging art, and sculptures.