Annie B. Designs

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Beautiful Interior and Exterior Spaces

I'm Annie B., a former HGTV manager and full-service designer in East Tennessee. I'm passionate about designing spaces that capture the personality and lifestyle of my clients, so they can dwell in places that inspire them to live beautifully. I take the guesswork out of redesigns so clients can avoid the costly mistakes and headaches of doing it themselves and increase the value of their property. I study their story, style and needs to help them make thoughtful design decisions and visualize their finished product. A home should be designed to fit the dweller's lifestyle –– not the other way around.

daisyeyes handmade

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Hand embroidered goods, patterns, kits and other fiber arts (I'm also a sewing educator on hiatus)

I come from a long line of women makers. I sleep under quilts that my grandmother made, my head rests on pillowcases that my aunt embroidered, and my memories are full of time spent watching my mom and grandmother create. I create one of a kind items through embroidery, quilting and other fiber arts. The majority of my sewing and embroidery skills are self-taught, and I’d like to think there is a little bit of genetic love seeping through.

Attack Monkey Productions

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Event & Festival Production and Artist Management Services

Founded in 2009, Attack Monkey Productions is a full-service entertainment, event, and arts agency who seeks out the things that are cool and brings them straight to you – from music to moonshine, the traditional to the avant-garde. AMP specializes in the development and promotion of unique, high-quality brands and experiences. Our philosophy is simple: build brands that are authentic and offer the best possible experience to our artists, clients and the general public.

Services include artist management and development, creation and oversight of special events and festivals, talent buying and concert promotion, public relations, and marketing. We offer a wide range of consultation services as well.

The bottom line? We're promoters, but not the kind who are looking for a quick buck. We're more interested in spreading the gospel of the brands we love. We want to create memorable, impeccable events, produce incredible concerts that will leave people breathless, and introduce the world to their new favorite artists. Ultimately, we’re fans ... and if we're a fan of you, we'll make sure people know about it. You've heard of many of the brands we represent. Those you haven't heard of? You will soon. We'll make sure of it.

Crown Upholstery

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We're an upholstery design studio. We provide reupholstery services & also sell some custom designed pieces.

Crown Upholstery was created to bring an updated approach to furniture upholstery. We combine a love of furniture, fabrics, and design to provide you with the best possibilities for restoring, reinventing, or just recovering your favorite pieces of furniture. We can do anything from cushion repairs and custom pillows to full furniture collections. We pride ourselves on being able to take something you have and turn it into something that you love.

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McAlpin Creative

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DIY Kits! We specialize in tray and sign kits!

We specialize in DIY kits. We send everything you need to make memories and experiences together—all in one box! We specialize in sign and tray kits, offering numerous and custom designs!

Steeplechase Collective

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Branding for Businesses

Steeplechase Collective is a brand design team with a combined twenty years experience. Founders and designers Erica Beck and Elliot Lollis have Southern roots that run deep and sophisticated style that runs deeper. Their mission with SC is to serve clients above and beyond their expectations, creating unique brands that surprise and delight through the beautiful process of high design.

Origami Day

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Work Life Balance Products & Services  

Origami Day is a lifestyle of balance and the tools to maintain it. We help people shape their time to achieve work life balance by prioritizing, planning, and being more present, to live a life of peace AND productivity.

I am Samantha Lane and I am a reformed workaholic. I now use my passion for efficiency to help others find work life balance without compromising productivity. I created a two-part time management system made up of a planner/notebook and folding weekly planning sheet. Anyone can benefit from using the tools independently or as a system.

107 Bearden Place

Knoxville, TN 37917

knox upholstery

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I upholster furniture, make pillows and other soft goods

At Knox Upholstery, It's your furniture, but better! We take old furniture and make it into something beautiful and unique to the client; something that you won't find in anyone else's home or business. At Knox Upholstery, bespoke furniture is not mass produced on a factory floor, it is hand-crafted by artisans with every stitch.

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Striped Light

Striped Light


Letterpress printing, unique edition production/storefront and record label located in Old North Knoxville. Hire us to design and print hand-made letterpress ephemera or take the hands on approach. We teach group and private Letterpress & Risograph workshops for all ability levels.

Striped Light

107 Bearden Place

Knoxville, TN 37917

Erin McCall Photography

Erin McCall


The trust and vulnerability my clients offer me never fails to astound me. My desire is to return moments to my clients. This means less planning, more conversation. I want to hear their stories, learn about their connection to their partner, understand the heart behind their business. Then, my work is about spinning moments, gestures, people and connection into photographs.

Erin McCall
Erin McCall

Libacious Craft Cocktail Catering

Libacious Craft Cocktail Catering

Craft beverage consultation and service

You don’t have to go to a great bar to have a great bar experience. Libacious brings that friendly sophistication to any party. We provide full-service beverage consulting, menu design, and bar service for nonprofit, private, and corporate events. We also offer cocktail workshops and classes.

Libacious Craft Cocktail Catering
Libacious Cocktail Catering
Libacious Craft Cocktail Catering

NJS Design Company

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Branding & Website Design for Handmade Businesses. Custom furniture design & building & currently beginning website design for woodworkers and makers

I design and build websites for handmade businesses. I have designed and built custom furniture for 10 years and also have a degree in design. Those two things combined create a special skill set to help and encourage those who run handmade businesses.


Emily Shane Art

Emily Shane

One-of-a-kind functional art from discarded book covers

I make room divider screens, mirror and picture frames, boxes, etc. decorated with hardback book covers, also original art. I use discarded book covers to create one-of-a-kind functional and decorative pieces. I also offer studio time for use of a 12"x12" steel rule die cutter. Instead of unwanted hardback books ending up in landfills, I thought "why not upcycle them into art?" I make 2-D and functional book cover art using knives, paper cutters, and steel rule dies.

Emily Shane
Emily Shane

Riot Printing Co.

Riot Printing

Expert apparel printing and design

We’re creatives united by the desire to produce products and designs that are second to none. Our process is succinct and fast. We can handle any job large or small and we put the most care into our clients than anyone you’ll find. Our success is dependent our our client’s success.

Riot Printing
Riot Printing

1321 Chilhowee Ave Knoxville TN, 37917

Store Hours: Monday - Thursday 9-5, Friday 9-12

(865) 766-7468

The Chef's Workshop

The Chef's Workshop

A maker space for food entrepreneurs

The Chef’s Workshop is a Maker Space dedicated to assisting local food entrepreneurs launch or grow their food businesses. We do this by offering access to 4 Fully Licensed Commercial Kitchens that are rentable by the hour, helping to eliminate the financial barriers of entry associated with starting a new business. We also have an in-house food consultant who has assisted in the launch of 40+ food businesses as a resource for entrepreneurs who need guidance along the way.

I’m a Food Business Consultant who managed a Kitchen incubator in OH for a number of years as well as a foodie vlogger known as The Local Food Guy. I was hired as Executive Director of The Chef’s Workshop, which is a Kitchen Incubator being built in West Knoxville to assist local food entrepreneurs with the launch or growth of their businesses. As an avid foodie, I immediately fell in love with the city as well as its tremendous local food scene. I look forward to the possibility of being a resource for Knoxville Makers!

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The Chef's Workshop
The Chef's Workshop

Elemental Design Company


Making Solutions

Elemental Design Company has a diverse fabrication, construction and installation experience that spans both commercial and residential applications and clients. Our knowledge base includes working with a variety of materials including steel, wood and glass fiber reinforced concrete.